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Spunti e ricerche is an academic journal based in Melbourne founded in 1985 and with a circulation to individuals and libraries in Australia, Europe and North America. Spunti e ricerche's Editorial Board is composed of Italianists from Melbourne tertiary institutions and is assisted by an Advisory Board made up of Italianists of international fame. The journal's aim is to foster high quality original research in Italian Studies both in Australia and Internationally. It welcomes articles of a comparative nature. Publication is annual, individual volumes may consist of articles on a broadly defined theme, on a particular writer, or on various subjects. Spunti welcomes submissions in electronic form in MLA format. All articles submitted are subject to a peer refereeing process.


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Vol 27, No 1 (2012)

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Table of Contents


Article Abstracts PDF


Alessandro Manzoni e Primo Levi sulla funzione etica della letteratura PDF
Gianluca Cinelli 8-29
Dallo Übermensch etico di Nietzsche al superuomo estetico di D’Annunzio PDF
Patrizia Piredda 30-47
Identità italiana fra postcolonialismo e migrazione PDF
Laura Nadine Lori 48-61
Christians, Primates, Friction Drums and Carnival Masks: Defamiliarisation in Carlo Levi’s Cristo si è fermato a Eboli PDF
Raffaele Lampugnani 62-70
Looking at history in Giuliano Montaldo's Gli occhiali d'oro PDF
Daniela Cavallaro 71-86
La dama senza pietà nella commedia L’uomo dal fiore in bocca di Luigi Pirandello PDF
Nadia Castronuovo 87-99
Fosco Antonio’s My Reality: a rogue Italian Australian autobiography PDF
John Gatt-Rutter 100-114


Intimacy and Italian Migration. Gender and Domestic Lives in a Mobile World, edited by Loretta Baldassar and Donna R. Gabaccia. New York: Fordham University Press, 2011. PDF
Dino Bressan 115-117
Annamaria Pagliaro, The Novels of Federico De Roberto: From Naturalism to Modernism. Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire: Troubadour Publishing, 2011. PDF
John Gatt-Rutter 117-120
Vincent Moleta, Family Business: An Italian-New Zealand Story, Christchurch, NZ: Canterbury University Press, 2012. PDF
Raffaele Lampugnani 121-125
Santo Crisafulli, Versi e Colori: With a Pinch of Pepper; Paintings by Domanic Gullifa. Sydney: Ligare Book Printers, 2010. PDF
Raffaele Lampugnani 126-129

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